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The Owners

Tom & Sue Cleary are both part of that rare breed: the native San Franciscan. In addition to that common trait, they also share the fact that both of their families have lengthy ties to the Russian River Valley area of Sonoma County . While Tom's ancestors purchased their Freestone property in the mid-1940s, Sue's family began farming apples and raising cattle in nearby Sebastopol during the 1950s.

As the Clearys' commitment to the wine industry grew, Tom enrolled in the Viticulture program at Santa Rosa Junior College where he had the honor of being taught by well-regarded instructor, Richard Thomas. Simultaneously, he gained practical experience by working closely with the Dutton Family as they developed Bohemian Vineyard .

Today, Tom & Sue actively participate with their Vineyard Manager and Head Winemaker in all key decisions affecting the quality of both their grapes and their wine. They also encourage their five children to participate in the family business so that, over time, they can assess their individual personal interests in the wine industry.

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