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The Winemakers

Adam Smith directs the winemaking efforts for Bohemian and works closely with the Clearys throughout the growing, harvesting and winemaking cycles to ensure alignment on all key decisions affecting the style and quality of the final product.

Adam was raised in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, brought up to appreciate the dark, gnarly, ancient stuff. But it wasn't until he was studying literature in Los Angeles that he first fell in love with wine. And it was Santa Rita Hills Pinot that did it. After that, Adam decided to pack up and move to Oregon to make Pinot Noir & Chardonnay. Since he began his winemaking journey, Adam has gone to great depths to understand high-end winemaking, working with top-notch producers like Shea, Domaine Serene, & Lange. Most recently, Adam was working as the Assistant Winemaker for the Willamette Valley's beloved Bethel Heights Vineyard. He also has worked as a winemaker at New Zealand's highly acclaimed Craggy Range.


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