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Bohemian Vineyard is a seven-acre parcel in Freestone, CA that was developed from 1998-2000 and which began yielding mature crop in 2002. Since the local climate and soil quality are ideal for Burgundian varietals, Tom & Sue Cleary chose to initially plant the vineyard to Pinot Noir vines, although they may expand to complementary varietals over time.

Under the direction of the highly-experienced Dutton Ranch Management Team, the vines were originally planted in a north-south direction using 5' by 9' spacing with vertical shoot positioning. In 2004, the Clearys interplanted an additional 3,000 vines in one half of the vineyard in order to pursue an alternative viticultural approach using 2.5' by 9' spacing with split canopies. This method optimizes sun coverage for all of the plants throughout the day.

All of the Bohemian vines use 101-14 rootstock -- preferred by many experienced viticulturists for its robust qualities - and are equally divided between the esteemed Dijon 115, 667, and 777 clones. In combination, these selections work beautifully since the first two contribute to the wine's structure while the latter delivers classic Pinot Noir aromatics and flavor characteristics.

Since development was complete, Bohemian Vineyard has been managed by the respected viticulturist, Arturo Robledo . The size of the vineyard allows him to give personal attention to soil nutrients, irrigation, cluster development, crop cover control and yield, which is kept to approximately two tons per acre in order to maximize the quality of the final crop.

After several years of harvest, it is clear that Bohemian Vineyard’s unique soil and climactic factors lead to even ripening of its grapes in terms of sugar, phenolics, acids, and phonologics. This truly distinguishes it among Pinot Noir vineyards both within and beyond the Russian River Valley Appellation.

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